I'm MeiLi Autumn!

Hi! I’m MeiLi! I’m a Maui girl, master makeup artist, business dreamer, mom to Keziah, ocean lover, kite boarder, self love warrior, writer, and mental health advocate. Interesting facts: I can hold my breath for a really long time, like 4 min, underwater, I lived in China for 10 years, and I am fluent in Mandarin.

But really I think the thing I want you to know about me and MAB is that we really care about YOU... We want to know what your DREAM style is- are you a boho beach bride? Or are you looking for the glam treatment. I want to know what features you want to highlight and how your style works with your dress, your flowers, your accessories.. I'd love to talk to you about the best blush to use AND how you are feeling - I think both are important bc I really love helping women look and feel their very best, especially on their wedding day.



I started MAB in 2014 when I got pregnant and my whole life changed- I was living in China at the time, and moved back to Maui to be close to family and focus on the one thing I always knew I could do - helping women feel fabulous through makeup artistry. I started a business and navigated life being a single mom. With a lot of grit, grind, and the grace of God, MAB grew to a team of the best stylists in Hawaii. I'm so honored to lead this team of talent and I humbly give the glory back to something greater than myself.

I believe in progress over perfection, that self-care is survival, and that we are both masterpieces AND works in progress. I believe that as a mom and business owner, there is nothing more empowering than showing my daughter she can achieve anything she dreams of. Thank you Jesus!


Some philosophies and good vibes...

Makeup as My Medicine

The first time I wore makeup I was 5 years old - my mom lined my eyes with a dark kohl and I remember instantly transfixed with how mysterious and bold they suddenly looked. My eyes took on another dimension and I felt like I 'saw' myself for the first time. From that day on makeup was a tool I used to transform- both physically and vibrationally. There were many times in life I felt I needed to be a certain persona, or show up in the world when I wasn't feeling like facing anyone- makeup was an armor, and a magic I could use to empower myself. There are many medicines in life that we can rely on. Nature medicine. Music medicine. Food medicine. These are gifts from God that are meant to fill our cups and enrich us on this human experience. I'm grateful that i found an artistry that has helped me, and something I can share with other women to elevate and inspire them to step into their power and see the beauty they always have within.

The Self Love Journey

When you begin to doubt your royalty

when your mind swims in the dark.

When the voices rage on silently that you always miss the mark

When the days turn to weeks and the valley has no end

and you can’t escape your shadow self, she smirks “hello, old friend.”

When the angels that you call upon are assisting other folk, and the burden that you carry seems unfairly yoked. ⠀

Know this sweet child, wild and holy, a woman made of stars

With divinity in your blood veins, you remember whose you are.

Lift up that weary head and with all creation sing...

you are worthy, you are electric,

you are a Daughter of the KING! ...⠀

The Law of Beauty

The law of beauty states, that when you see, feel, experience beauty in something and appreciate it, more will come to you.

What if we started with the image in the mirror. What if when you see your reflection the first thing you say is "wow, look at those sparkly eyes' instead of focusing on flaws. What if your mind was filled with such love for yourself and others that you saw beauty in everything. The law of beauty states that once you start to see the beauty in life, it will compound, and when you cultivate a beautiful mind, you will see your garden of beauty grow in all aspects of life from your home, your work, your finances, and this is how we create a beautiful world. But it starts from within.

Own your beauty. Own your power. Create your Queendom. You are more than enough just as you are. God makes no mistakes. SHINE ON SISTER!!!!

Take the first step and it all falls into place!

Say aloha!