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Babe, we get you. We know you want to look your very best in photos and in real life- an amplified version of your best self on your best day. Whether that's the full glam treatment with extensions and stacked lashes or a fresh face of glowy beauty, the MAB effect is creating your dream bridal style so that you feel so confident walking down that aisle.

The Art of Beauty

How we amplify your natural beauty


As master makeup artists this means that makeup is our JAM. We study this stuff- which brand of highlight is trending, how a certain shadow shines in the right light, and how airbrush will last for hours even in humidity, or how a certain lash shape will make eyes appear bigger and brighter. Our team of master makeup artists bring out your elevated beauty and help you shine. Makeup is about bringing out the inner beauty you already possess. That being said, trust us when we say we KNOW makeup.


Do you know the difference between a dutch braid, a french braid, a pull out braid, an infinity braid and a fishtail braid? Don't worry, you don't have to- because we know the nuance between a twisted updo and braided one, or how to create a couture glam wave or bridal pony. In fact, we've travelled around the world to learn from other international bridal masters to bring this level of talent and knowledge to Maui. We are proud of offer the best Maui has when it comes to bridal hair design- even pairing your look with our fabulous MAB accessories or adding on a Halo couture extension.

Our process begins as soon as you fill out the contact form. Think of us as your style BFFs that can’t wait to gush over all the details of your wedding day from the dress to the hair accessories, to the pros and cons of lash extensions. Our mission is to make your wedding as relaxed as possible, which means by the day of your wedding we are all set to provide your dream style. On your wedding our team of stylists will set up in the comfort of your own room, bringing all the beauty products and style tools, and most importantly the best vibes and positive energy for an experience that sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Are you a no makeup makeup bride or do you want the full glam makeup treatment? Or do you want smokey natural? Let’s customize your perfect bridal makeup. Trials are a great way to secure your look.

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