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Welcome to the TEAM! Each of these golden-hearted beauties have been hired and trained based on their skills and personality because I believe having a heart of service is the most important part of being a bridal stylist! These MAB all-star team members go through extensive training to become masters of their craft so that each stylist has the product knowledge and techniques to execute long lasting beauty in hair and makeup for Hawaii’s unique climate.

As a bridal stylist for 17 years, I’ve always known that working as a team was key. We are all excellent as individuals, but together we are able to service our brides to the highest degree.

We want you to think of us as an integral part of your experience, your Maui girlfriends that just happen to be really really good at hair and makeup… we are here for you and can’t wait to meet you…

Beauty with Aloha

🌸 In our products - cruelty free and highest end products from 5 star brands

🌸 In our services - quarterly trainings and on-going continued education to update on newest trends and products

🌸 In our energy - providing fun, positive, professional vibes so that you have the most memorable experience from the first email to final touchup

Master Makeup Artist / Owner


I have a whole PAGE about my process and becoming where I am today, so I'll leave you with this little snippet: I love makeup artistry, I love my brides, and I feel divinely connected to each one- like we were destined to meet each other. I view the process of becoming a bride like a ceremony before the ceremony- a sacred time we have together to co-create your dream vision and set the tone for the rest of the day. I know whether it's me or one of my talented team members, our brides choose MAB for a reason... It's such an honor to get to be a part of your wedding day... I can't wait to meet you.

MeiLi: Master Makeup Artist / Owner
Master Makeup Artist


Randall joined the team in 2014 and has been a driving force both as an artist and behind the scenes acting as operations manager. With her background at MUD (Makeup Designery in LA) , she advanced quickly from assistant to Jr Makeup artist, to Sr. Makeup artist and now is a Master Makeup artist whose work is unparalleled. You will not find a more dedicated makeup artist with a better kit on Maui- Randall loves all thing bridal and will be the first to tell us abut the newest trends on skincare and beauty. She is our trendsetting, rockstar talent, total babe with the best attitude (and wardrobe.. such a stylish thing). I would trust Randall to do my makeup for my wedding day and that is saying A LOT. My appreciation and respect for her goes beyond words.

Randall: Master Makeup Artist
Master Makeup Artist / Team Manager


Mariane reached out to me a couple years ago when she was still the manager at our local MAC counter. I love MAC, and I am a MAC girl for life having worked there, so I was already super excited to meet this cutie beauty. Her work was already amazing and with a little training it became bridal perfect. She is known for her glowy skin mastery and eye for delicate makeup details that make her work stand out as some of the best out there. Mariane has been such a welcomed addition to the team and has recently stepped into the team manager position! Her warm personality and calm presence is such a blessing to be around- both for brides and team members to work with. She is mommy to 5yo Mason with another baby boy on the way. We sure love her... you will too.

Mariane: Master Makeup Artist / Team Manager
Master Hair Stylist


Amanda was born to be a bridal stylist... she has heart of pure service, raw talent, innate eye for style, and so fun to be around. Her styles are effortless, whimsical, creative and one of a kind, and now 4 years later is one of the top hair designers in all of Hawaii. Amanda has an eye for style and aesthetics and just KNOWS what looks good- its a real gift. But it's her bubbly personality, fun-natured spirit, and genuine care for each of her brides that makes her such a stellar bridal stylist. She is the one to stay extra just to put the veil in, and gush over dress and accessory details. She is such a delight to be around we have brides from around the world request the Mab_Manda treatment. We sure do love her too...

Amanda: Master Hair Stylist
Master Hair Stylist


Carly started out as our Instagram fan! When she moved to Maui from Florida we had a team opening and she quickly rose from jr. hair stylist to one of our leads. Because of her dedication and commitment, MAB sponsored her to go to Singapore to learn from Russian updo master Lena and Carly has brought the mastery here to Maui to service our brides. Carly has an infectious laugh and bright energy and she loves loves loves bridal hairstyling. She will tell you how beautiful you are a dozen times, and she really means it. She takes much pride in her work and fills the room with the best vibes. Carly is known for her couture glam waves and Asian hair updos and gives the best blowouts... We are lucky to have her, she is such a star.

Carly : Master Hair Stylist
Esthetician / Spray Tan


There is NO ONE else you would want to stand semi-naked in a tent to spray down all your bits than Laura. Not only will she give you the most GORGEOUS tan ever, her calming energy and sweet nature will make you feel so comfortable and relaxed. This is why Laura is rated one of the best estheticians on Maui and why we had to have her on the team to offer our brides the most luxurious spray tan and facial experience on the market. We have worked extensively to master the art of the spray tan and let me tell you, we have found the best organic solution out there to deliver that warm golden skin tone- never orangey, never streaky, just pure golden goddess skin using the safest highest quality formula. Laura can come to the comfort of your hotel, or go visit her in her studio for a real pampering experience. We are thrilled to offer our brides the best spray tans on Maui with Laura, and we know you will just love her.

Laura : Esthetician / Spray Tan
Makeup Artist


Val is the newest member to the team and we are so happy to have her. From the moment I met her I knew she was a great fit. With a background at Benefit, Makeup Forever, and Anastasia Beverly Hills, she has had training with many brands and styles and was able to quickly learn the MAB aesthetic and culture. She has recently completely the intensive MAB training and her work is flawless and fresh and her presence is a joy to be around. She also recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and reminds me a bit of myself back in the day - hustling the mom/makeup life!

Val : Makeup Artist
Master Hair Stylist


Krystle Waivio lives in Michigan for most of the year, but we get to claim her as a MAB sister during the Winter months. We are so lucky to have her. She is a mega talented bridal stylist and has quite the following on the 'gram, but it is her easy going nature and selfless heart that makes her such a treasure to know. I slid into Krystle's DM's on a whim in early 2019 asking if she would maybe want to come work in Maui for a stint. I loved her work and I knew it would match our boho bridal aesthetic. She said YES! And has been to Maui on several occasions jumping in as a lead member. We are blessed to have her and so are our brides! Just goes to show, if you have a dream of living on Maui, even if it's part time, and you are stylist, dreams do come true.

Krystle: Master Hair Stylist


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