Best Restaurants on Maui

For Rehearsal dinner or just to eat!

RESTAURANTS: Do you live to eat? Or eat to live...

I'm definitely a live to eat kinda girl... and the beauty of Hawaii is the diversity of food choices! We have everything from Pan asian flare, to Thai, Indian, Japanese, Filipino and every type of fusion you can imagine. Plus with the wealth of farming and organic produce, fresh fish and ingredients, the restaurants here on Maui are some of the best I've ever been to... here are some of my favorites (I've starred the ones I think would be great for a rehearsal dinner option)

Broth (Alive & Well):

My top recommendation: Avo toast and vegan ramen

Star Noodle (west side):

My top recommendation: Try the Vietnamese Crepe and Yuzu cocktail

*Mamas Fish House:

My top recommendation: Try the crab stuffed mahi and the octopus Luau

*Monkey Pod:

My top recommendation: Garlic truffle fries and strawberry pie

*The Mill House:

My top recommendation: Chick pea fritters and miso roasted eggplant

*Lineage: Sheldon Simeon’s latest restaurant creation - it's a must for creative local cuisine.

Cafe Des Amis:

My top recommendation: Catch of the day curry and a chocolate caramel banana crepe

*Cafe O Lei:

My top recommendation: Fish of the day special and the roast veggie quinoa salad


My top recommendation: Thai food, Crispy fish salad


My top recommendation: Great sushi and small bites

Bap: Authentic Korean

My top recommendation: Best handmade kim chee and Spider Rolls

Nuka: Best Sushi and Japanese Food!

Sanseis: Best 50% off deal - Check out the Happy Hour from 5-5:30pm


Tin Roof - really great local-style food!


My top recommendation: Fish tostada

*Surf Club Tacos:

My top recommendation: Fish tacos

*Isana : Sushi

Ululanis Shave Ice: This is a Hawaii must do! They have locations several places around the island.

Happy Eating! May you fill your belly and your hearts with all Maui has to offer...


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